100% South

Le Petit Marseillais has been for almost a century a traditional french soap used by all, generation by generation. All their ingredients are natural and from the south.
For this project, the brief asked to promote their most popular and authentic product, the almond milk soap.

The concept, 100% Sud (100% South), use french south culture, stereotypes, which are rich and strong. The campaign focuses in a humoristic manner, on specific characters known to be representative of this place.
Mischief (malice), boldness (audace), charm (charme), or the showing (frime) for example. All these “cultural” ingredients mixed together result in a unique perfume 100% South.

All the pictures and the videos used for the campaign are genuine, taken from french archive of the sixties.
The vintage is in that way used to confirm the authentic spirit of the brand.

Signature: Les meilleurs ingr├ędients du sud depuis 1921 – The best ingredients of the south since 1921.

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