Work done in 2011 for a Swiss graphic design agency and exposed during an art exhibition of a feminist magazine, George. The exhibition called Woming, took place in different cities in Switzerland. It had for subject women and society of today. For this thema, I have choosen two famous characters of strong women, Patti Smith and Calamity Jane.
I have create their typographic portrait using only one quote of them.

The pictures have been printed in a F4 size.

Patti Smith
Je n’ai toujours eu qu’un seul objectif: me sentir libre dans mes mouvements comme dans mon esprit
I always had one goal: feel free in my movements and in my mind.

Calamity Jane
Je ne bois pas là où je suis la seule à avoir des couilles
I don’t drink where I’m the only one to have balls.

CLIENTMagazine George, Monokini (Agency)


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